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Av: Västmanland, Mar 05, 2024

During Svensk Form’s 175th anniversary year in 2020, the 14th regional association was formed: Svensk Form Västmanland.

The new Västmanland association, formed in 2023, with 6 board members which consists of persons of different backgrounds and ages. Our backbone is having international and Swedish members that will bring a lot to the table. To be able to explore and merge creative ideas and events towards a common goal, to work on fostering good design and creative events across various fields, including industrial design, graphic design, fashion, music, fine art, and architecture etc. Furthermore, organize various events, exhibitions, and competitions to showcase and encourage creativity and design excellence in the community for all. Also, with a goal to create a platform or spaces where designers, businesses, and the general public can come together, find inspiration, integrate and innovate.

We work for inclusivity and diversity as it is the key for innovation to build productive and positive societies.

Contact: Diana Goudian:

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