Design archive


On you can find pictures, books, articles, and archive documents from 1845 to 2011. Useful for scholars, journalists and students, for example. A real treasure trove for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of design.

The website is a collaboration between Svensk Form and Centrum för Näringslivshistoria. To share and download material here, you must register and be approved as a user. Visit


Design Archive consists of:

Lists of Svensk Form’s archives, such as donated photo collections, archives from individual designers, companies and organizations, and private archives of the National Museum in Stockholm.

Directory of all books, catalogs and magazines in Svensk Form’s reference library. Topics such as furniture, lighting, art, industrial, textile, and graphic design.

Digitised photographs, posters, covers from Form Magazine, catalogs, pattern sheets, press clippings and other archival documents from Svensk Form’s and Centrum för Näringslivshistoria´s archives. The photo archive does also includes photographs from the collections of the National Museum, donated by Svensk Form.

Directory of all articles in Form Magazine from 1905-2011.

A selection of films from the Svensk Form and Centrum för Näringslivshistoria collections. Among the films are exhibition documentation, design processes, and interviews with key people in Swedish design.